Project — In the Wind
In the Wind landing

In the Wind25A Art@Harbour


"In the Wind"

Nature is incredible. It is the source of everything. We hope to celebrate one of the invisible and intangible forms of nature; the often-neglected movement of air - wind. It is the propelling force for flying flags and kites and the gentle breeze that puts a smile on our faces.

In the Wind close up

Here we visualize and make tangible the movement of air by creating an art installation comprises of an array of wind-capturing devices up in the sky. Strategically held at an angle, these devices respond to the direction, speed and volume of air passing by and therefore creates a mesmerizing and ever-moving winds cape that captures the beauty of wind. We hope the art installation will yield joyful curiosity, unexpected insights, and meditative appreciation of the vast knowledge of science.

In the Wind installation
In the Wind mood
In the Wind wide shot
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