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King George V SchoolFood Tech and Design Technology Room

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ESF - King George V School

A casual and inviting vibe is essential for collaborative learning where students are encouraged to interact for group projects. The Food Technology Rooms and Design & Technology Room at the King George V School tries to achieve that with the simple use of daylight, material and layout.

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The design borrows scenic views from the exterior by creating large glazing panels as well as using sandblasted stainless steel wall finishes to bring in colors into the interior. Students should be able to focus as well as to engage. This is especially challenging for a space that has lots of potentially hazardous activities happening at the same time. As learning is the main focus here, a carefully selected grey-tone scheme with a touch of wood is applied in the rooms, creating a neutral background that steps behind what matter most.

KGV cabinets
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Linear strip lights are used to give uniform illumination. An anti-slip and easy to clean vinyl safety flooring with 70% recycled content is used in two colors for zoning. The solid surface countertop is used for its durability. Sockets are installed on the sides of columns to create a tidy and continuous surface for work. Flooded with abundant daylight, an inviting vibe is created for the collaborative learning purpose. The result is a harmonic space for both students and teachers.

KGV Food Tech wide shot
KGV food tech cabinets
KGV food tech kitchen counter top
KGV food tech
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KGV DT room
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