Project — Hong Kong Dental
Hong Kong Dental interior overview

Hong Kong Dental

Interior, Branding, Wellness

Hong Kong Dental is a prominent dental care group that safeguards the oral health of the Hong Kong public. Its clinic is designed to welcome patients of all ages by surrounding patients with warm materials and soothing colors.

Hong Kong Dental reception
Hong Kong Dental interior detail

At entrance, one would be greeted by the patterned wooden wall and a gently curved grid counter. The waiting room is equipped with comfortable seating and dimmable lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere for the patients. The surgery rooms, flooded with daylight, are carefully toned down in wall and floor colors to balance the light intensity in the room.

Hong Kong Dental signage
Hong Kong Dental interior lobby

A clean and calm environment is achieved with generous use of anti bacterial materials. A terrazzo pattern vinyl floor in two matching hues are used for easy cleaning and maintenance. The brand identity is subtly reinforced in the interior design with different scale of grids and dots while the brand color consistently uplift every corners of the clinic.

Hong Kong Dental dentist room
Hong Kong Dental interior detail
Hong Kong Dental dentist room mood

Brand Identity Concept

The visual identity is designed to resemble the renowned neon street signs in Hong Kong while the square and cross lines resemble and celebrate the attitude of refinement found in the Chinese writing worksheets. A refreshing jade green color is picked for the brand to deliver a clean, professional and trustworthy image.

Hong Kong Dental branding print shipyard
Hong Kong Dental branding concept
Hong Kong Dental branding secondary graphics
Hong Kong Dental interior furniture detail
Hong Kong Dental interior cabinet detail
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