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Ukiyo coffee shop entrance design

UkiyoCafe & Restaurant

Interior, Branding, F&B

Ukiyo - “Floating World”

Derives from a Japanese term that promotes, “living only for the moment, turning our full attention to the pleasures of the moon, the snow, the cherry blossoms; singing songs, drinking wine, diverting ourselves in just floating..”

We hope to bring in a brand concept that coveys a space where artisans can express their creativity and exhibit their crafts through culinary arts. At the same time, providing an environment that encourages organic communications where guests can decelerate the pace of modern life and re-evaluate the purpose of life with the art of slow-living.

Ukiyo interior seatings
Ukiyo entrance signage bar

The interior design exemplifies the brand story by implementing hints of brand colours, featuring dynamic floating seats, and use of artisanal materials. With different expression of curved elements in the space, we depict the moving waves and the floating world in a subtle manner.

Ukiyo communal seatings

Feature communal seatings

Unconventional time calls for unconventional seatings. With the flowing communal seating typology, we hope to create a space that inspires natural interactions, allowing guests to take a break from their hustle and bustle in this modern society.

Promoting movement and a new sitting norm, the feature seating is designed for an active space where a pause is needed. We deliberately created multiple seats and table heights for diverse customer groups anticipated at Ukiyo.

Curved wall panels

A dynamic timber wall is created symbolizing the movement of waves in our current world. It acts as the backdrop of the food, the experience, and the journey we have at Ukiyo. It is the wave that carries the cycle of rebirth, life, suffering, life, and rebirth, that we should enjoy living in the moment.

Ukiyo communal seating close up curves
Ukiyo wall feature panel close up
Ukiyo communal seatings

Artisanal touch

We celebrate the artisanal spirit by incorporating a hint of brand colour at the end sections of the timber units, just like how lumber is sealed with paint to prevent moisture fluctuation. We translated the technical lumber preservation methodology into a design element.

We also demarcated the end of wood panels in the seatings with a dedicated spacing filled with brand colour, turning a banal fabrication routine into a design element.

Ukiyo interior cafe

Brand Identity Concept

The brand identity concept aims to reflect the different expressions of curved elements in the interior space and depict the moving waves and the floating world in a subtle manner.

Highlighting the beauty in irregular forms — expressing creative freedom and craftiness while bearing in mind the organic balance of it all.

Ukiyo branding shop card

Our brand colour palette is inspired from Ukiyo’s principle keywords, “spark curiosity to inspire new experiences”, “balanced and organic environment” and “premium crafted dishes”, which acts as a strong reminder on the values that shape up our brand.

Ukiyo branding coffee cup
Ukiyo brand story
Ukiyo entrance cafe landscape
Ukiyo interior cafe
Ukiyo cafe wide shot
Ukiyo exterior glass cafe
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